About the L.E.A.F.

wood-gasThe research and development that went into the design of our L.E.A.F.  Generator gasifier was motivated by the increasingly alarming disaster trends we have seen across the globe in recent years. Tornados, ice storms, power outages, hurricanes and earthquakes all seem to be increasing at an unprecedented pace. Usually with the occurrence of one of these disasters, gasoline is one of the first necessities to run out – rendering a generator useless. Our hope is that with planning and preparedness, this device will help to restore power for those in their desperate time of need. Decades old gasification technology is a proven alternative to gasoline. Woodgas replaces the need for gasoline in your emergency generator, period.

The L.E.A.F. Generator gasifier is manufactured and sold by Foutch Manufacturing in Smithville, Tennessee located about 60 miles from Nashville. We have been in business since 1999 and produce the L.E.A.F. Generator in one of our Smithville, TN manufacturing facilities. Each L.E.A.F. Generator is fabricated by hand with all American made materials by our own team of craftsmen and fabricators.

Our team hand builds each wood gasifier unit to order. Your L.E.A.F. Generator begins as a stack of solid steel plates, and ends up a fully functional syngas generator capable of producing enough woodgas to power your emergency generator indefinitely using readily available biomass materials.