How does it work?
The L.E.A.F. Generator works by the process of gasification. This means converting smoke from smoldering biomass (wood) into a clean burning synthetic gas called “syngas”.

What is biomass?
Biomass is typically considered any biological material that was previously living like trees, plants, corn, etc.

Will the L.E.A.F. Generator run a diesel engine?
Yes but the engine would need several modifications to run on syngas.

Do you have to modify the gasoline engine to use the L.E.A.F. Generator?
Only add a bolt on adapter plate to the existing carburetor and attach a hose clamp.

What kind of wood can it run on?
Dry hardwood, certain coals, oven dried bark, sawdust pellets, nut shells, virtually any dry biomass material.

How often is maintenance required?
Char/Ash cleanout: every 8 hours run time. Filter box: 16 hours run time. Cyclone/Filter box: Drain every 4-8 Hours run time.

What is the L.E.A.F. Generator made out of?
The unit is solid steel construction welded together by hand at our plant in Smithville Tennessee.

How much does it weigh?
Approximately 340 pounds, but is still very manageable using the built in collapsible handles and large rubber wheels on the cart.

What is the BTU rating of wood?
~9K BTU per pound

What size generator will it run?
The L.E.A.F. Generator will produce plenty of syngas to power up to 15 HP or 10KW Generator.

How do you light it?
Fill the burn chamber with about 5” deep with wood, start the blower, light the wood with a flame source. Once coal bed is glowing well, fill entire burn chamber with wood and latch lid closed. Get ready to make gas.

How often do you have to add wood?
The L.E.A.F. Generator burns about 10-15 pounds of wood per hour depending on moisture content.

How much wood does the hopper hold?
Around 20 pounds.

Will it run different kinds of generators?
Yes, most kinds of internal combustion engine can run on syngas.

Is tar an issue with the L.E.A.F. Generator?
Our engineering design eliminates any substantial production of tar, and our multi-stage filtering process assures that only a clean burning fuel is delivered to your engine.

Can it burn corn, wood pellets, other material?
Yes but our testing shows the optimal performance using dry hardwood chips or blocks.

Can you run it on charcoal?
Yes, preferred natural dense charcoal.

What is wood gas similar to?
Would best compare to natural gas or methane.

Would this be considered a renewable energy source?
The power derived from gasification and combustion of the resulting gas is considered to be a source of renewable energy because the gasified compounds are obtained from biomass. A standard generator can be powered indefinitely with readily available biomass.

How wet can the wood be and still make gas?
The drier the better, but never more than 20% moisture content to produce good gas.

How long will it run on one load of wood?
1-2 hours depending on type of wood and moisture content.

Are there any options available?
Not currently.

What kind of warranty does it come with?
One year comprehensive warranty.

Is it dangerous to operate a gasifier?
As with any device that involves hot coals and fire, there can the inherent dangers associated with the use and operation of this device. See our terms of use agreement here.

What is the composition of the gas it makes?
Primarily carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane.

What is required to operate the L.E.A.F. Generator?
A simple set of air flow control valves allow you to control the air and fuel mix delivered to the engine. Opening and closing these valves to achieve just the right mix for the gas you are producing for your engine is a straightforward process.

What kind of generator is best to use with the L.E.A.F. Generator?
Although any kind of generator up t o 17 HP or 10KW will work, we do highly recommend one with an electric start feature. This allows a much easier startup process as getting the first turnover of the engine can be tricky.

Is it hard to make good gas?
No! If you will follow our instructions and procedures, you will find that making good quality burning gas is a simple process. Wood preparation plays a crucial role in the process of making good clean gas.

What do I get when I but a L.E.A.F. Generator?
Each L.E.A.F. Generator comes with:
· Gasifier unit
· Gas cooler radiator unit
· Gas Filtration unit
· Cyclone assembly unit
· Solid steel portable cart w/wheels
· High temperature gaskets, valves, bolts
· Gasifier operating tools
· Operating and instruction manual