Making Wood Gas

Wood is the perfect choice for fuel, especially in an emergency situation.  It is readily available in most parts of the world, and can be prepared and stored in a variety of ways. Approximately 20 pounds of wood produces the equivalent energy of one gallon of gasoline. The type of fuel you are going to be making with your gasifier is called wood gas or Syngas.

Wood preparation for the gasifier unit is crucial to making good burning syngas to power your generator or other engine. Typically by weight, the moisture content of green wood is between 25 – 65%. Air dried wood usually comes in between 12-15%, and kiln-dried wood at around 8% or less. For our purpose of making a clean, efficient syngas we need the moisture content to be 20% or less (by weight). Just remember when generating syngas with your gasifier, “drier is better!” We include a high quality digital hand held moisture meter with every L.E.A.F. Generator so that you can easily determine the moisture content of your wood fuel for peak performance.